Data Processing & Other Services


Data processing is essential to any quantitative study, our professional DP team will provide clean data on time and as per the requirement.

Data is the vital part of all business process. It is the invisible backbone that support all the operations and activities within a business. Without relevant data the business would get affected. Quality data helps to decide effective business strategies and rewarding commercial judgements.

Our expert data processing team provides you solutions when you need to process your available data not not only from market research. It can be data cleaning, data conversion or anything related to data.

We managed data processing projects ranging from Adhoc, tracking covering single and multi-countries.We have a fast turnaround time even on your complex requirements.

Our tabulation, survey scripting and coding cost are very competitive and our quality control process for the same is unbeatable.

Services Includes: Data Cleaning, Tabulation, Customized Data Delivery (Excel, SPSS, ASCII, SSS format), Weighting, Coding, Questionnaire designing, Survey programming, Transcription, Translation, Report writing, Charting, Full time employees (FTE), Data Entry.